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Tolerance starts at school

Tolerance starts at school

The project "Tolerance makes school" was launched in 2006 as an accompanying measure to "Musica Sacra International". The core concern of the project is to impart knowledge about the five world religions to children and young people, as well as a feeling for and respect for other cultures.

In today's world, it is becoming increasingly important to overcome prejudices and openly confront the supposedly foreign. In times of globalization, children and young people in particular need a good foundation of knowledge in order to understand and classify their own culture and religion.

The association MODfestivals e.V. offers a varied program for children and young people of all ages as part of its educational program. The offer is aimed at schools, after-school care facilities, kindergartens and daycare centers, but also at associations that care for children and young people.



What do you believe in? - Reading series for preschoolers and children of elementary school age

Books are read and looked at together with the children (depending on their age). The aim is to discover similarities and differences in the religions and cultures and to talk about what they have read - but also about their own experiences. This is then creatively processed with the children.

There are readings on the following religions: Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Type of event: Reading with handicraft/painting/baking activity
Target group: preschoolers and children of elementary school age
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Number of participants: approx. 20 children / one class (in times of pandemic, based on current hygiene regulations)
Location: in the facilities or at cooperation partners (by arrangement)


How do you t(r)ick? - Animation workshop about faith, respect & tolerance

In the workshop, an animated film about a religion is created with the children. The children paint, make things, talk and film themselves. The films always focus on one aspect of a religion. The focus can be on the origin of an Indian deity or on a special religious festival, such as the Jewish Hanukkah festival. The goal is that the children deal with a religion and implement this creatively.

Type of event: Workshop
Target group: Children at the age of 8-12 years
Duration: 2-3 days, each about 3 hours
Number of participants: small groups of 6-10 children
Location: in the facilities or at cooperation partners (by arrangement)
Costs: 200,- Euro / workshop




Where does God live? - Mosque tour for children and young people (other places of worship on request)

Most of the time, people only know the houses of worship of their own religion. However, there is a certain shyness before houses of worship of other religions. And this is despite the fact that many places have a mosque. During the mosque visits, the children and young people tour the house of worship. They learn about the rituals and prayers and are explained the meanings of the individual areas of a mosque.

Type of event: Guided tour
Target group: children aged 8-18 years / if interested also for adults
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Number of participants: by arrangement
Location: Mosque Marktoberdorf or a mosque in the region


World Religions - World Peace - Global Ethic
Exhibition about the religions

The Global Ethic Foundation has designed an exhibition that deals with the world religions and philosophies and their ethical messages and relevance for today's society. MODfestivals e.V. shows this exhibition at different locations and also offers guided tours. If you are interested, institutions such as schools, educational institutions, etc. are welcome to contact us.

Type of event: Exhibition with guided tour
Target group: young people and adults - limited to 20 people for guided tours.
Location: Touring exhibition, locations to be determined by MODfestivals e.V. In case of interest, institutions can contact the association.


Meet a Jew - Nice to meet Jew!
Talk with young Jews about their life in Germany

Meet a Jew", a project of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, offers the opportunity to talk to Jewish young people and adults about current Jewish life in Germany. The students gain an insight into personal everyday life, an overview of the diversity of Jewish identities and can ask everything they have always wanted to know. Questions about all areas of life are possible, from everyday life to religion.

Type of event: discussion
Target group: one school class each from grades 7-13
Duration: 90 minutes
Location: at the respective school



Contact and registration
For all offers the registration is done informally by mail to

Unless otherwise noted, the events are free of charge.


Cooperation partner
Stadtbücherei Marktoberdorf
Stadtbücherei Kaufbeuren
Muslimische Gemeinde Marktoberdorf
Stiftung Weltethos
Meet a Jew

Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst
Stadt Marktoberdorf
Landkreis Ostallgäu
Viermetz Stiftung
Buhmann Stiftung
Bezirk Schwaben
Lions Club

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