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Tolerance starts at school

Tolerance starts at school school

In 2006 the project ‘Tolerance starts at school’ was initiated as a supporting measure for ‘Musica Sacra International’. The core of the project is to educate children and young people about the five major world religions, as well as to convey a sensitivity and respect for other cultures.

In today’s world, breaking down prejudice and facing the alleged unknown is more and more important. Children and young people in particular need a good basis of knowledge in times of globalisation, in order to understand and find a place for their own culture and religion.

The educational project ‘Tolerance starts at school’ aims to make a contribution towards helping children to find their way in the world and to enable them to become responsible citizens of this world.


What do you believe in? - Reading series for pre-schoolers and children from grades 1 & 2
Books will be read and looked at together with the children, similarities and differences within religions and cultures will be discovered and their own experiences and what has been read will be talked about. This will then be worked through creatively in form of drawings and craft activities. There will be readings on the religions Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism, which will each be looked at in relation to Christianity. The reading series will probably take place in September 2020 in cooperation with the public library in Marktoberdorf.
Conception and direction of the readings: Katrin Pflüger, Dipl. Religion teacher



Sponsored and supported by:
“Culture makes strong” – coalitions for education of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research
Buhmann Foundation
Viermetz Foundation
Lions Marktoberdorf
Bezirk Schwaben

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